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Artokingo is the UK's first and only artwear brand that produces cool t-shirts designed by a group of carefully selected artists from around the world! Wear an original t-shirt, which makes your friends jealous, and empower elite artists who get the best royalties from each purchase! If you're looking for incredibly funny t shirts for men and women, we are a unique alternative to the mass merchandising with our original t-shirts...

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"Artokingo is the best!" says Stuff Magazine!

November 08, 2015

  Hey guys! Happy happy day :)) We are so proud to announce that world-famous Stuff Magazine has selected Artokingo as one of the best 10 online t-shirt stores in the world! Here is the link: http://www.stuff.tv/features/playlist-10-best-t-shirt-shops-internet Almost two years ago, we have created Artokingo with the aim of making best of best printed t-shirts! We have collaborated with famous t-shirt illustrators. And, printed their designs on premium quality, 100% organic cotton tees.  Now, we are happy to see our hard-work is appreciated! Continue Reading →

We don't use FACEBOOK

July 18, 2015

Dear Friends!We don't share on Facebook due to Facebook's "pay or your post will be pointless" policy. Now, our posts can reach only 1-2% of our fans on Facebook unless we pay Facebook to promote the post. We only reply to customer messages on Facebook. Please follow us on Twitter:https://twitter.com/artokingo and Instagram:https://instagram.com/artokingo Continue Reading →

7 Global Politicians As Disney Villains

November 08, 2014

Middle-Eastern artist Saint Hoax created a series of images by combining famous politicians with Disney Villains. Good work man! We would love to print them on our cool t-shirts, sigh...  Continue Reading →

9 Paintings with Social Media Symbols by Nastya Nudnik

November 08, 2014

Kiev-based artist Nastya Nudnik has intelligently inserted social symbols of the internet era into classic fine art! We think these works could make so funny t-shirts :) Enjoy paintings and comment below what you think! Continue Reading →