We strictly collaborate with elite t-shirt designers only to create cool t-shirts that stand out!
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How it works

Artists! Sell your design, without giving up control of your rights. What's yours, is yours! When you post your artwork on Artokingo, you continue to control the rights to it. You can take your stuff down whenever you want. 


1-APPLY: Artokingo strictly collaborates with the best t-shirt designers only! We do not accept every design from every artist. Therefore, please fill in the application form. If we are satisfied with the quality of your designs and if we believe you deserve to be featured on Artokingo, then, you're in! In that case, you'll be emailed asap.

2-GET YOUR FILES READY: Have you received an email that confirms your application has been accepted? Great! Let's start sending us your awesome designs. Firstly, make sure your art is on a transparent background and at least 300 dpi. Second, download our official Artokingo templates and position your design on tees. Then, save each template (3 total) as a JPG. PLEASE NOTE: Only approved artists can access our t-shirt templates so you will also be emailed a download link as soon as your application is accepted. 

3-SUBMIT YOUR DESIGNS: Click here and upload JPGs as well as your original art file! Your designs will go on sale asap! When one of your designs is sold, we will print it on our premium quality t-shirt and ship it directly to the customer. You will earn £3 (approx. $5) per each t-shirt sold.


1- We regularly monitor your designs on the internet. If we realise that you or your designs are harming our brand image, we remove your designs from our database without any notice. Especially, selling your designs on cheap sites, such as $10/£10 t-shirt stores, might cause your designs to be taken down!

2- After a quite period, we can remove your designs from our database if your sales are still weak.

3- Reviews/Comments/Feedbacks on product pages or on social sites matter! If our customers think your designs do not deserve to be listed on Artokingo, we might remove your collection from Artokingo.

4- We know that a vast majority of the designers hate hard-selling as much as we do! However, we at least expect you to feature your collection's link on your blog/social sites/website.

Getting Paid/Pricing

Artokingo pays the best artist royalties on the planet. You earn £3 (approx. $5) for every t-shirt purchased!

You track your sales with the supplied password directly on our website. You get paid every 1st of month via PayPal with a 30 day per purchase grace period from date of sale. For example, if your design is purchased on May 16th, it is clear on June 16th and you get paid on July 1st.

Image Requirements

Upload your high resolution files; as PNG (on transparent background). Please note that files should be in RGB mode (not CMYK) with 200-300dpi.

Why Sell Here

Artokingo is an invitation-only platform that collaborates only with elite artists from around the world! There’s no limit to how much money you can earn. Sky is the limit. We sell a t-shirt for £29 (v-necks £24) and pay you £3 (approx. $5) for each shirt sold, which is the best royalty rate on the planet! That’s a little expensive retail price and more money for you than anywhere else on the web! Most importantly, you never loose your right to your own designs.