British brand of graphic tees , Artokingo, tapping into fashion designers and artists to create a capsule collection of hooded raincoats.

The most original t-shirt brand in the world, Artokingo, evolved the Limited Edition line to include hooded and waterproof windbreakers this season. The new collection is celebrating the world of artwear by championing difference and self-expression through fashion. 
Artokingo presents three limited-edition raincoat and windbreaker designs, created by the brand's in-house artists based in London. The raincoats are being sold online at 
Since 2014, Artokingo has been helping design-minded people to find "cool t-shirts" made from high-quality materials. From funny t-shirts to slogan t-shirts, animals to skulls, there are more than a hundred inspirational designs today. 
Selected the #1 online t-shirt store in the world by famous Stuff Magazine; the brand continues empowering independent artists from around the world by paying up to £5 per each item sold. The customers enjoy helping artists while buying extraordinary Christmas gifts.