1- Apply

Hey there! At Artokingo, we're all about teaming up with top-notch t-shirt creators. We're picky about the designs we choose, so not every artist makes the cut. Want to join the squad? Just hit us up in the "CHAT" section at the bottom right of our site and pick "Artist Application". Show us your amazing work, and if it wows us and fits our vibe, you'll be hearing from us super soon via email. Keep those awesome designs coming!

2- Get Files Ready

Have you received an email that confirms your application has been accepted? Awesome, you're in! Now it's time to get those amazing designs over to us. Please use WeTransfer or Google Drive to send them our way. Make sure your artwork is on a transparent background and has a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. We can't wait to see what you've created!

3- Earn Money

Great news! Whenever one of your designs gets sold, we'll print it onto our high-quality t-shirts and send it straight to the customer's doorstep. And here's the best part: for every t-shirt sold, you'll earn £3 (that's about $4). Keep those designs coming and watch the earnings roll in!

4- Getting Paid

Artokingo boasts the best artist royalties around! For every t-shirt sold with your design, you pocket £3 (which is around $4). Keep tabs on your sales easily by logging into our website with the password we provide. And here's the deal with payments: we send your earnings straight to your PayPal on the 1st of every month, following a 30-day grace period after each purchase. So if someone snaps up your design on May 16th, it'll clear by June 16th, and you'll see that money by July 1st. Keep those designs coming and watch your earnings grow!

Just a quick note: joining us is super exciting, but keep in mind, it doesn't guarantee a forever spot!

1- Just a heads up, we keep an eye on your designs across the web. If we notice anything that's not jiving well with our brand, like your designs popping up on low-cost sites, we might need to pull them from our collection, no notice given. We're all about keeping things top-notch!

2- Also, if your designs aren't flying off the digital shelves after a while, we might have to say goodbye to them in our lineup.

3- Customer opinions really matter to us! If the feedback on your designs isn't too hot, whether it's on our site or social media, we might have to remove them. We want everyone to love what they see on Artokingo!

4- We get it, hard-selling isn't everyone's cup of tea. But we do hope you'll give your collection a shout-out on your blog, social media, or website. It's all about teamwork to get those designs noticed!