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"Artokingo is the best!" says Stuff Magazine!

"Artokingo is the best!" says Stuff Magazine!


Hey guys!

Happy happy day :))

We are so proud to announce that world-famous Stuff Magazine has selected Artokingo as one of the best 10 online t-shirt stores in the world!

Here is the link: http://www.stuff.tv/features/playlist-10-best-t-shirt-shops-internet

Almost two years ago, we have created Artokingo with the aim of making best of best printed t-shirts! We have collaborated with famous t-shirt illustrators. And, printed their designs on premium quality, 100% organic cotton tees. 

Now, we are happy to see our hard-work is appreciated!

November 08, 2015 by Artokingo Blog

We don't use FACEBOOK

Dear Friends!
We don't share on Facebook due to Facebook's "pay or your post will be pointless" policy. Now, our posts can reach only 1-2% of our fans on Facebook unless we pay Facebook to promote the post.

We only reply to customer messages on Facebook.

Please follow us on Twitter:

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July 18, 2015 by Artokingo Blog

7 Global Politicians As Disney Villains

Middle-Eastern artist Saint Hoax created a series of images by combining famous politicians with Disney Villains. Good work man! We would love to print them on our cool t-shirts, sigh... 
November 08, 2014 by Artokingo Blog

9 Paintings with Social Media Symbols by Nastya Nudnik

Kiev-based artist Nastya Nudnik has intelligently inserted social symbols of the internet era into classic fine art! We think these works could make so funny t-shirts :) Enjoy paintings and comment below what you think!
November 08, 2014 by Artokingo Blog

5 PHOTOS: Erasing the Streets of London by Photoshop!

Two creatives from Street Eraser blog have merged the digital world with the analog. They have been inspired by Photoshop's erasing tool and hacked London’s streets! Their work is as creative as our t-shirts :)
November 08, 2014 by Artokingo Blog

Artists' Studios

Have you ever wondered how artists' studios look like? We have listed some studios below! Check them out and tell us which one is your favourite. 


Georgia O’Keeffe - Abiqulu, New Mexico




Willem de Kooning - New York



Alexander Calder - Paris, France



Pablo Picasso - Cannes, France



Joan Miró - Mallorca, Spain



Inspired enough? Head to our website to find your favourite artistic t-shirts ;)

November 04, 2014 by Artokingo Blog

Discover where to find Banksy art in London

Finding Banksy art in huge London should be some exhaustive. Apparently everyone knows it’s somewhere, but very few people can actually point to it. 


The map below shows where Banksy's street art exactly is:


Blue pins: Existing pieces

Red crosses: Visible works but they are not in their original condition

Red exclamation points: Works that have sadly disappeared.


Here are also some art made by Banksy:



Banksy art could make awesome t-shirts too :) Sigh...

November 04, 2014 by Artokingo Blog

9 Awesome Aerial and Fashion Photography Mashups by Joseph Ford

Brighton-based photographer Joseph Ford has perfectly created a juxtaposition between breathtaking aerial landscape photography and the fine details of fashion. Have a look at them and be inspired! 

We will try to make similar photos with our fashionable t-shirts :))



November 04, 2014 by Artokingo Blog

10 Breathtaking Paintings by Ann Marie Bone

Ann Marie Bone, who lives in Derbyshire, is an unbelievably talented artist! She paints generally in oils and acrylic on canvas. Here we exhibit 10 of her unique paintings. They are as beautiful as our artistic t-shirts :) If you would like to see more paintings, click here and get to her website. 
October 08, 2014 by Artokingo Blog

Cartoon Characters in the City

This is how to use a smartphone in a smart way! 

Francois Dourlen, a teacher who lives in France, shows us smartphones are not just for taking selfies! He gives colour to our lives in his spare times by integrating creativity and technology. Let's see below how cartoon characters look like in their daily lives :) 




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October 08, 2014 by Artokingo Blog